Flatbed Truck Services LTL Trucking

Flatbed Truck Services deals with a few of the largest steel suppliers and other industrial companies throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to experience, we take unique actions to guarantee our position as a premier flatbed trucking company.
Flatbed Truck Services LTL Trucking
All our flatbed motorists carry full 8ft. drop tarpaulins to protect your items in transit, along with straps and chains to secure your products safely. Our motorists keep your load security by regularly examining and rechecking to guarantee the load is secure to the trailer during transit. Our flatbed trucking professionals consist of strong group drivers and owner-operators to obtain your shipment provided safely and on time.

We provide Flatbed Trucking, Flatbed LTL and Step Deck transport to fulfill all of your Flatbed shipping requires. Flatbed Trucking rates can differ, and we understand the additional costs included when using rigging or crane services in the loading of flatbed or step deck trailers. Our flatbed trucking professionals interact all details had to each job website, rigging or crane facility beforehand to make sure that your visits are fulfilled and your waiting time is gotten rid of. Please let us understand your shipment requirements, and we will enjoy meeting your flatbed or step deck transportation requirements.

For a 48′ flatbed, a legal load needs to not surpass the following measurements:

  • 8′ 5″ high (102″)
  • 8′ 5″ large (102″)
  • 48′ long (some overhang can be appropriate in a lot of states)
  • 48,000 pounds

In addition, we also offer “Heavy Haul” trucking (commonly called wide load, or over dimensional) to fulfill all your larger shipping requirements. We offer a large variety of trailer types to match your shipping needs, from Step Decks to Double Drops to RGN’s we can transport your items big or little to anywhere you require. We coordinate with each state to handle all required authorizations and licensing to avoid any hold-up throughout the transit of your devices or machinery.

LTL Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed Truck Services LTL TruckFlatbed Truck Services knows you have choices when choosing an LTL trucking business to transport your freight. Where we excel above the rest is in our experience to handle LTL trucking circumstances in a cost-efficient manner. Our consumer agents understand the numerous kinds of transport devices and picking the best automobile is an integral part of getting the best freight rate for your dry products. If the inaccurate trailer is being utilized, you could end up paying a much greater expense.

LTL trucking is the smartest method to delivering your dry products in a timely and cost-effective way when Full Truckloads are not possible. Naturally, Full Truckloads (FTL) give you full access to a truck committed to carrying just your freight, and usually, the rate is per mile. Nevertheless, if your freight does not fill a whole 48 ft. or 53 ft. trailer, we might suggest you aim to LTL as a choice. Our skilled representatives will need to know the number of pieces/pallets and the weight of your products to determine if LTL is the very best solution.

We pride ourselves on customer care and want our clients to conserve money whenever possible. For this reason, knowing the ideal trailers to use, the most effective routes, and consistent interaction are all very important elements for us. Take a look at the diagram above, as it will be our beginning point as these are the two most common types of dry freight trailers.

Our Flatbed LTL services extend throughout the United States and throughout Canada.

Exactly what is LTL Trucking?

LTL shipments usually weigh between 100 and 10,000 lbs. Since it would be extremely expensive to continuously transport small amounts of freight, consolidating LTL freight for delivery is the more effective choice.

The primary benefit to utilizing Flatbed Truck Services for your LTL trucking is that we do not move your items once they’re packed. Your items will choose and provide on the exact same trailer. We have a variety of accessorial services readily available which are not typically offered by FTL providers. Flatbed Truck Services offers the following extra services, Lift gate services, arranging and segregating, de-vanning of containerized goods, palletizing and diminish wrapping, storage, distribution, re-delivery services, warehouse assessment & management.

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