Flatbed Trailer Styles From Step-Decks To Double Drops

Flatbed trailers are the most common kind of freight trailer and are utilized to move everything from Light-truck-loads (LTL) to larger loads like Wide Loads. The advantage of a flatbed trailer is that it’s fairly easy and fast to load and dump, given that you can load and unload the freight from 3 different angles: the sides, the back, or overhead. Some flatbeds can likewise be equipped with ramps on the back, allowing you drive equipment up onto them as well as off. Nevertheless, these are more typically referred to Step Deck Trailers and are covered in more detail here.

Flatbed Truck 5 Axle Trailer Types

There are a good deal of flatbed truck trailer and axle setup types. A thorough understanding of flatbed shipping is necessary in choosing the ideal trailer for the task. Typically speaking as freight grows in size and the more customized trailer required the expenditure of shipping boosts. Clearly oversize loads have the additional cost of permissions, escorts, authorities and more depending precisely what is included. You can click a few of the images listed below to see the devices and commodity measurements for that trailer type.

Semi-Truck Trailers: The Complete History

Today’s semi truck is generally an 18-wheeled articulated truck that consists of the truck, frequently described as the tractor, and the trailer. These tractors consist of 3 axles with the front axles being utilized to guide the tractor and the rear axle and the double wheels, or dualies, propel or move power for the tractor, this is the drive axle.