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Flatbed Truck Services California is your source for high capacity low price trucking services to, from and inside of California. If you are shipping freight around Los Angeles or San Francisco, then why not ask us for a free freight rate quote? Flatbed Truck Services California can arrange for trucking that’s local or interstate and our freight quotes are unbeatable! We can arrange transportation for practically any type of freight in California, including lots of specialized alternatives readily available. Flatbed Truck Services California can offer you a price quote for a complete truckload, less than truckload or even expedited shipping.

Will your business need a flatbed truck in California for freight shipping throughout The United States and Canada? How about Cross Docking, Transloading, Rail/Container Freight or Curtainside Trailer services? Flatbed Truck Services has you covered!

There are many companies that are located in California looking for competitively priced flatbed trucking services that guarantee reputable, on time delivery. Here at Flatbed Truck Services California, we work with shippers that deliver numerous loads each day, in addition to shippers who only ship but twice a year. Nonetheless, we constantly strive to offer the outright finest possible service and consumer experience at the best rate possible.

Do you need a fast freight rate quote for your flatbed freight?

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For shippers who ship less frequently, here are some fast flatbed trucking insights…

Flatbed trucking deals with the requirements of clients shipping unique equipment or products that make loads which are either too wide, too long, over-sized, overweight, or a mix of these… But still can legally own on the roadway. A flatbed trucking service is perfect for delivering points or construction websites that have no dock available to use or require fast load and discharge for time delicate projects.

At Flatbed Truck Services California we focus on flatbed trucking throughout California, from San Francisco to San Diego(you name it!). And make great and sure that your flatbed delivery has the correct tarpaulins, and the appropriate tie downs for the task at hand so that it’ll be well protected, and prepared for usage when it comes to its destination. With flatbed trucking, there are a handful of trailer types and designs that are particularly crafted to fit the various needs made by freight either because of size or how they will have to be packed.

Likewise, we can supply expedited team service for any of your deliveries that have a tight time schedule and have to deliver as soon as possible.

Flatbed Trucking in Gilroy CA

When your organization will need a basic flatbed in Gilroy, CA for freight shipping throughout the US and into Canada, get a flatbed quote from Flatbed Truck Services California.

The flatbed trucking experts at Flatbed Truck Services California are here for you! Just a call or click away.

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More On Flatbed Shipping

The reality of the matter is that whatever the economy is; you will constantly require flatbed trucking services to move freight from origin to destination.

This is simply because freight that can not be packed into a dry van needs to carried by a flatbed.

Examples of major businesses and services located in the Gilroy, CA area are:

  • Bateman Production Company
  • Ricman Production
  • Kortick Production Business
  • Remarc Manufacturing Incorporated
  • City Line Industries Inc

Flatbed transporting case studies:

  • 63,950 pounds of platforms and ladders on a stretch trailer were delivered from Troy, MI to Cincinnati, OH.
  • 43,000 pounds of architectural synthetic stone shipped on A-frames, with strap protectors from Cincinnati, OH to various points in the U.S.
  • 54,000 pounds of new building and construction building products were shipped from Troy, MI to the state of North Dakota.
  • An over dimensional load of CNC equipment was moved from Troy, MI to upstate New york city.
  • Iron latticework and industrial machinery delivered from Wisconsin to Utah.
  • An asphalt drum was moved from Troy, MI to Cincinnati, OH.
  • A fiberglass wet well (used for a sewage-disposal tank) was delivered from Troy, MI to Cincinnati, OH. The load was 14′ x 12′ 5″ x 12′ 5″ (LWH) and weighed 9,300 pounds.
  • A plastic sheet extrusion system was delivered from Troy, MI to Cincinnati, OH the dimensions were 23′ x 10′ x 12′ (LWH) and weighed 21,000 pounds.
  • A boundary trailer load was transferred from Troy, MI to Cincinnati, OH. The load was 63′ x 13′ and weighed 119,000 pounds.
  • AG trailers and other farm devices were shipped from Troy, MI to Cincinnati, OH.
  • A reverse osmosis water filter was shipped from West Virginia to Colorado.

Flatbed Tractor Trailer Shipping Q & A

What are the capabilities of RGNs?

RGNs are mostly for wheeled devices or equipment. RGNs are low to the ground and therefore, can bring larger equipment. Our personnel will supply all info relating to the Detachable Goose Neck’s weight capability and packing abilities. You should make to supply accurate weight and measurements of the product or equipment.

Do you supply automobile transport?

Yes, we move industrial trucks or lorries for business functions, we do not transport individual cars or trucks.

We need a Conestoga or Curtain Van trailer, can you offer this kind of trailer?

Yes, we can get a Conestoga or Curtain Van trailer, you need to specify this when scheduling the trailer and tell us the specific length, width, and height of the freight. Our freight professional will explain the distinction in between a Curtain Van and a Conestoga trailer at scheduling time.

Can you provide a Landol (traveling axle) type of trailer?

Yes, we can, nevertheless, we need to understand this well beforehand. These kinds of trailers are not so typical but are readily available with prior notice.

Can your business supply sturdy forklift services?

The chauffeur or we do not provide strong forklift services. Nevertheless, when you call us we will advise you as to the best possible option.

We are shipping pricey devices and we may require extra insurance coverage, exactly what can you do?

Yes, we can constantly get extra insurance coverage. At trailer booking time our freight specialists constantly ask for the value of the freight and suggest a proper insurance protection option if required.

Does your business supply crate services?

The motorist or our company does not offer crate services. Nevertheless, when you call us we will advise you as to the very best possible service.

Does your company offer tarps?

Yes, as long as you tell us this when arranging the truck. Tarping will require extra time during loading of the freight.

Do you have trailers with ramps?

Yes, we can get a tractor-trailer with ramps, you must define this when scheduling the trailer. Please understand that ramps have an optimum weight score capability. For that reason supply accurate freight weight.

Are trailers offered with side kits?

Yes, we can provide a tractor-trailer with side kits, you must specify this when scheduling the side kit flatbed trailer.

How quickly can you get our load?

We have an accessibility of trucks nationwide, and we can normally have a truck at your area within a day. Nevertheless, pick-up times depend on the availability of trucks in your specific location.

Exactly what are multi-axle trailers?

These high weight capability trailers are for obese loads or freight. These trailers are available in lots of mixes of axles, decks, and capabilities. Our heavy haul expert will instantly understand what kind of trailer and axle configuration your load will require.

How huge a delivery can I fit on a step-deck trailer?

Usually, the lower deck of a step-deck is 40 inches high. Which means the optimum height of the freight is 10 feet, 2 inches. Depending on the trailer manufacturer, the lower deck of the action deck is 37 to 42 feet long. The upper deck is around 11 feet long and the optimum height of freight on this deck is 8 feet, 6 inches.

Flatbed Tractor Trailers

  • Conestoga (Curtain Van offers freight security from components of the roadway)
  • Low Young boy or Double Drop ie: Load King Trailer
  • Extendable Flatbeds
  • Flatbed 48 foot or 53 foot
  • RGN (Removable GooseNeck)
  • Specialized Overdimensional Trailers for Heavy Haul
  • Action Deck
  • Stretch Double-Drop
  • Stretch RGN (Removable Goose Neck)

We at Flatbed Truck Services California deal with shippers that deliver 7 times a day and carriers who deliver twice a year, regardless we aim to provide the best possible service and experience at the fairest market price. For infrequent shipping departments, from our experience, we wish to offer the following flatbed shipping suggestions.

Freight Packaging, Crating or Palletizing

Flatbed Truck Services California picks up and provides to all commercial addresses, however, your boxes need to be palletized, crates need to be fork-lift-able or product packaging should be appropriate for flatbed transport. In the case of big machinery, there might be a need for heavy duty forklift service, crane service or complete rigging services. Permit adequate time in advance to schedule any extra services needed for your load.

Weather Factors When Shipping Equipment

When shipping equipment or parts throughout the cold weather or through freezing weather condition areas, note that there are special weather-proofing steps to take if the machinery has water or other freezable liquid in it. If a flatbed type of trailer is utilized, the freight may need to be diminish wrapped for added protection from road particles, grime, and wetness. In addition, if tarps are required, this need to be stated prior to shipping.

Expedited Shipments

When your shipment is time crucial always make certain to let your freight expert at Flatbed Truck Services California know beforehand!

As soon as the delivery has actually been picked up, the process of getting it expedited is usually not possible. Initially you may need to pay a slightly greater rate, however, this guarantees expedited service. The reason expedited service needs to be noted in advance is since team chauffeurs are required for the tractor-trailer rig. The Department of Transportation (DOT) mandates the number of hours a truck driver can legally own per day. Thus having group drivers allows for the tractor-trailer to be on the road longer versus a single driver.

Shipment Info:

  • Measurement Length-Width-Height
  • Weight (Overall) Constantly Assemble Numbers
  • Product Count
  • Pickup Time and Date
  • Pickup Area
  • Contact Individual(s)
  • Office and Mobile phone Numbers
  • Delivery Location
  • Extra Freight Details

Heavy Haul

Flatbed trucking companies provide heavy haul trailers for heavy equipment or heavy wheeled machinery such as bulldozers, backhoes, spider tractors and wheel loaders. For your heavy haul moves call Flatbed Truck Services California today.

Cross Docking Services

When put into effect effectively, Cross Docking supplies considerable enhancements in total supply chain speed and performance. Flatbed Truck Services provides a highly accessible Central California Cross Docking Center in Gilroy California for transfer as well as short term warehousing-storage of your freight. Flatbed Truck Services Cross Docking Services seamlessly combine cost-efficient warehousing together with Transloading, and Regional Shipment. With Flatbed Truck Services you can feel confident that your supply chain is operating with the utmost efficiency, and that your valuable freight is moving both safely, and on schedule towards its location.

The results… Massive cost savings for your business in both time AND money! Let Flatbed Truck Services assist in reducing your supply chain spend, while also saving you precious time & energy so that you can get back to exactly what you do best. Get in touch with an FTS specialist today!

Transloading Services

To accommodate your inter-modal container deliveries, FTS’s Transloading Facility provides centrally situated container or rail freight Transloading onto Flatbed Trailers for final delivery. We work with freight and container deliveries from both regional California business as well as freight from outside non-California based services. Flatbed Truck Services handles rail shipments at our Gilroy, CA Warehouse. This tactically located transload center is known as a leading company of Transloading Services on the west coast. Which transloads products in between rail cars and truck containers and Flatbed Trucks in the Western United States.

Do you require Transloading Services in California? Contact Flatbed Truck Services Today!

Curtain Van Services

As a leading resource for trustworthy transportation, Flatbed Truck Services uses Flatbed, Step Deck & Drape Van/Curtainside Trailers to fulfill all of your shipping needs.

Whether you’re shipping commercial equipment, heavy-haul devices or even just basic commodities, Flatbed Truck Services has the competence and the resource capability to ensure that your freight gets delivered on time, each time.

To save actually thousands of dollars in month-to-month freight spend, get in touch with the shipping experts at Flatbed Truck Services through phone or web!

“Ship It For Less With FTS!”

California’s #1 Flatbed Trucking Company. Centrally situated in the heart of California, in Gilroy CA with practical gain access to Highway 99 and Interstate 5. Our knowledgeable team is here and ready to manage your Flatbed Freight, Cross Docking, Rail/Container Freight, Curtain Van and Transloading projects.

Regional California truckloads, nationwide and worldwide shipping available. We specialize in heavy and oversized/wide loads for flatbed trailers.

Flatbed Truck Services California supplies Flatbed Trucking service throughout California on both a Less-than-Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL) basis.

Call or email us today for details about our flatbed trucking services in California or for a complimentary flatbed rate quote!
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