Cross Docking Bakersfield California

FTS’s cross docking services help companies minimize warehouse costs, reduce delivery times & increase order rates. By breaking down freight at the dock & matching it with pending orders for shipment, cross docking removes the storage & labor expenses of a conventional warehousing model.

Cross Docking Bakersfield CaliforniaAdvantages of Cross Docking Services:

Reduce distribution costs by more than 50% on the products being cross docked.

Lower Operating Expenses: Cross dock centers cost far less to run than full-fledged warehouses.

Lower Stock/Inventory: When the volume and timing of supply can be handled to exactly match need, the need for large safety stocks is eliminated.

Decrease Transportation Costs: Transport mode shifts from high-cost LTL to consolidated truckload shipments that arrive quicker.

Increase Merchant Efficiency: Retailers receive fewer, exactly timed shipments, requiring less dock doors and getting staff.

Why FTS For California Cross Docking Services?

Single-source solution: Facility operations, transportation management and innovation integrate for an extensive cross-docking service.

Rail-to-truck cross docking services: Many FTS warehouse have rail siding.

Are Cross Docking Services Right For Your Business?

Cross docking options are wrong for every retailer or every product.

You see products that offer the very best opportunity for cross docking share the following qualities:

Utilize SKUs with strong, predictable demand, such as popular items, staple products, and promotional products connected to marketing blitzes.

Utilize supply sources that can offer the right item, in the right volumes, at exactly the right time.

Receive products in “shop shelf prepared” condition, with the appropriate labels and ticketing.

With these location requirements, cross docking solutions supply an opportunity to trim down inventory and speed factory-to-shelf cycle time.

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