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Cross Docking

When put into effect properly, Cross Docking provides substantial improvements in supply chain speed & productivity. FTS offers a highly accessible Central California Cross Docking Facility in Gilroy CA for transfer & short term warehousing of your freight. FTS Cross Docking Services seamlessly combine cost-effective warehousing with Transloading & Local Delivery.
With FTS you can rest assured that your supply chain is operating to its full potential, and that your valuable freight is moving both safely, and on schedule towards its destination. The results... Massive savings for your company in both time AND money! Let Flatbed Truck Services help to lower your supply chain spend, while also saving you precious time & energy so that you can get back to what you do best.


To accommodate your inter-modal container shipments, FTS's Transloading Facility offers centrally located container and/or rail freight Transloading onto Flatbed Trailers for final delivery. We work with freight and container shipments coming from both local California companies as well as any freight from outside non-California based businesses.

Flatbed Truck Services deals with rail shipments at our Gilroy, CA Warehouse. This strategically located transload facility is known as a leading provider of Transloading Services on the west coast. Which transloads commodities between rail car containers and Flatbed Trucks in the Western United States.

Curtain Van

As a leading resource for reliable on-schedule transportation, Flatbed Truck Services offers premier Flatbed, Step Deck and Curtain Van/Curtainside Trailer Services to fulfill all of your freight shipping and hauling needs.

Whether you’re shipping industrial machinery, heavy-haul equipment or even just general commodities, Flatbed Truck Services has the expertise and the resource capacity to ensure that your freight gets delivered on time, every time.

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Do you need top quality flatbed truck services? We've got you covered!

Why Choose Flatbed Truck Services?

Flatbed Truck Northwest Gold

We provide our customers first class freight services with extensive flatbed capacity in the United States. We understand that needs will vary for each customer, so here at Flatbed Truck Services we offer a selection of equipment styles, types and sizes along with their necessary components.

In Flatbed Truck Services you've a full service provider for flatbeds, step decks, double drops, RGNs, maxis, expedited & flatbed LTL services. Whatever you need shipped, Flatbed Truck Services has hauled it & has the required experience & know-how to make your freight shipments as efficient & cost effective as possible.

We Stand Out with Our Absolutely UNBEATABLE Truckload (FTL) & Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Services

Here at Flatbed Truck Services we specialize in the movement of...

Curtain Van Freight Shipping

Flatbed Freight Shipping

Heavy Haul Freight Shipping

Power-Only Trucking

Blanket Wrap Trucking

Specialized Freight Shipping

Among the many benefits of using Flatbed Truck Services is the network we have in place to offer you expedited service at the lowest rates!

Let our team here at Flatbed Truck Services prove that we are your go to flatbed trucking company!

Ship It For Less With FTS Today!

Ready for massive savings in both time & money for your business?

Let Flatbed Truck Services help to lower your supply chain spend, while saving you precious time & energy so that you can get back to what you do best. Get in touch with an FTS Specialist today!

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